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Mr. Announcer


Devon Hill BMW, Philadelphia

The suggestion was that "The Open Road" was getting lonely as rising gas prices kept drivers from the beloved road trip. Yet with the respectable gas mileage from BMW's 3 and 5 series you can take the road as far as it goes.

Bronks Beer, New York

The namesake for the Bronx, Jonas Bronk brewed his own ale centuries ago. Not only was his history an important aspect, it seemed appropriate to tie in the legacy of another Bronx original.

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Columbus

This campaign focused on the need for local residents to "Pick Up Poop" as they walk their dogs. It was part of a larger campaign about the need to clean up the area's water supply. If an ad is going to focus on poop, why not sing about it?

City Grill, Tucson

This was one of a four part lifestyle series. Tapping into the poetic soul of artist Tom Waits provided a unique way to suggest the City Grill is where you'll find "Taste Bud Ecstasy On A Plate.

Nobel Way Pest Control, Sacramento

The client wanted to utilize the sound of his name to align his company with the moral character of one who is noble. Robin Hood and his men in tights provided a merry tale and a great opportunity to incorporate sound effects
to carry the story.

Smokehouse Meats, Philadelphia

This meat producer has a long, esteemed history in the area. The campaign was to appeal to moms and their kids. This demonstrates that kids don't care so much about the quality and tradition of a hundred year old recipe. It only matters that "It's Awesome!"